To our Tenants:


We have evolved into a new way of life. 


With everyone adjusting to their new roles, Crestone Partners has been learning, researching, coordinating, and evolving the buildings into this new normalcy.  We will work together and strengthen together as we separate to stay healthy.  We look forward to your continued input to assist us in developing best practices to address the particular concerns of your employees, customers, and vendors.


As we all prepare programs to re-enter the workspace, we have assembled a reference guide reflecting practices to promote physical and mental wellbeing.  These are measures that will help you feel confident that you are entering an environment that respects you and your health. 


While reading this information, know that these practices will evolve in response to government guidance and statistical data.  This is an immediate challenge for everyone.  We are here to help you successfully re-enter the work place. 


The Building’s health is important to us all.  You will see janitorial measures in place, as well as HVAC and procedural changes.

For further details or questions, contact your manager:

Heidi McKernan 303-312-3921

Pam Coburn 303-881-0026




Health and Safety First

Property and Tenant Practices



Social Distancing/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)/Hygiene

  • Follow CDC guidelines to maintain social distancing and follow state and local mandates or guidelines for wearing face masks/coverings.

  • PPE to be supplied by tenants or individuals.  Property management will do their best to offer masks to those who may forget.

  • Avoid high touch point areas as much as possible.     Maintain proper hygiene by frequently washing hands. 

  • Containers will be available and labeled at each exit to discard PPE.

Building Access/Security

  • Main entrances unlocked per lease language.

  • Multi-Tenant floors will be unlocked during normal business hours.

  • Full floor tenants to determine elevator access.

  • Stairwells are currently open for up and down use.  Masks/coverings must be worn.

  • Social distancing is to be practiced in the lobby and at the security desk.

  • We will allow a maximum of 2 people per elevator positioned in opposite corners.

  • Masks/coverings must be worn in elevators. 

  • Security officers will remind everyone to please wear your mask/covering.

  • Sneeze/cough guards have been installed at the security desks to protect the staff and tenants.

  • Follow directions on signage at elevators and lobbies, as well as queuing marks on the floors.

Common Areas/Amenity Spaces/Parking Garage

  • Wear face masks/coverings in common areas, restrooms, anywhere you are unable to social distance.

  • Fitness Centers will open based on mandates and with strict guidelines.

  • Building conference rooms and training rooms will open based on mandates and with strict guidelines.

  • Trash containers for PPE are located and labeled near building lobby exits. 

  • Bike rooms will remain open.  Practice social distancing.

  • Mailrooms will be open between the hours of 6:30am and 7:00pm.  Signage is in place indicating one person in mailroom at a time.  Practice CDC guidelines and wash your hands upon returning to your office.

  • Lobby Furniture will be separated to assist with Social Distancing.


Fitness Center opening July 8th.

  • Social Distance

  • Maximum 5 people at a time

  • Wipe down all equipment before and after each use.

  • Sanitize hands upon entering and leaving the facility.

  • Wear face coverings at all times while not actively exercising, including in the locker and restrooms.

  • Participant must sign Fitness Center Pledge Forms and the original Fitness Center Waiver. 



  • Tenants should meet and escort visitors or report them in advance to security personnel.  We will have pre-registration and check-in to minimize interaction with the security team.

  • We encourage employees receiving packages to retrieve them from the lobby.  We will develop delivery protocols in cooperation with tenants to accommodate different delivery preferences.

  • Food Deliveries must be picked up from the lobby.



We have maintained a high level of cleaning.  Spaces have been detail cleaned and disinfected with an EPA approved disinfectant.  We will continue with this process nightly.


  • Day porters will clean high touch points and restrooms daily.

  • Nightly cleaning will remain the same with the addition of the EPA approved disinfectant.

  • Contact us if you would like pricing for day porter services or special night cleaning within your space.  Our janitorial contractor has Tier Level cleaning options.

  • We have plenty of toilet paper and paper towels. 

  • Our cleaning contractors have been through special training for COVID-19 cleans.  The training was conducted by a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).  If you have a presumed or positive COVID-19 case, we are able to assist with scheduling COVID cleans.


  • Filters have been upgraded to MERV 13 filters at the air handling units (AHU’s) and make up air units (MAU’s) where needed. 

  • Increased running time of AHU’s - bringing in maximum outside air while running fans 7 days/week, 21 hours/day to keep the building flushed and well ventilated.

  • Allowing the maximum amount of outside air circulation possible, while still maintaining tenant comfort.


  • Flushing drinking fountains on a regular basis.

  • Pouring water down drains to ensure p–traps do not run dry.

  • Running restroom faucets and flushing toilets.           

Steps We Will Take if an Employee is Sick or Tests Positive for COVID-19

   We will:

  • Notify all tenants and guests that a person has entered the building that has tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Post warning signage within the building’s common areas providing notice of the positive COVID-19 test.

  • Evaluate the tenant’s current working and occupancy standards to determine the length of time the affected individual has been in the building and exposed to others.

  • Assist tenant with hiring the proper personnel to detail clean and disinfect the areas.


   We will NOT:

  • Inform others of any specifics of the case.

Steps We Recommend You Take if an Employee is Sick or Tests Positive for COVID-19

  • Follow your corporate procedures.

  • Inform management immediately so that remedial steps can be taken.

Recommendations for Tenants


  • Follow CDC guidance and discourage workers from sharing office equipment, such as phones and computers.  In the event equipment is shared, provide cleaning and disinfection between uses and advise staff on the use of masks, gloves and other protection while using equipment.

  • We recommend limiting the number of guests/visitors as we all adjust to re-entry.

  • When possible, stagger work hours and/or workdays to limit building occupancy as required by city or state mandates (50 percent occupancy initially).

  • Follow state and local guidelines regarding limits on meetings and gatherings.  We encourage virtual meetings whenever possible.

  • We recommend placing PPE disposal containers within your office space.

   Reactivate your Space

  • Get the water circulating throughout the interior of your space.

  • Run your dishwasher a few times prior to use.

  • Flush out ice makers and refill.

  • Run a couple pots of water without coffee to bring fresh water back into the system for coffee makers with water lines.  Run vinegar through it if you can.

Parking Garage

  • Emergency Parking for easy pick up of sick individuals is the first stall located in the garage outside the Wewatta 1st fl entrance towards the mailroom.

  • Social distancing is requested in garage elevator bays.  Please follow queuing marks on the floors.

Property Personnel

Our vendors and contractors have been here for you all along and so has your property team.  Our engineering, maintenance and management team will continue to keep the building comfortable, while remaining up to date with our new normalcy.  We have listed resources to CDC, the Coronavirus Resource Center, the White House and the World Health Organization and will communicate regularly to ensure you have the right tools and resources for success during re-entry.


Remember these simple communication tools:


  • Work Order System:  Workspeed – help us help you with social distancing.

  • Work Orders:  we will ask that you clear personnel from the area of the work order location.

  • Email:  we are here to assist.

  • Telephone:  let us know how we can help.

Vendor Protocol

Our vendors understand that we will comply with governmental directives and have the same expectation from them.  Vendors must follow all building practices:

  • PPE protocol.

  • COVID-19 related safety training protocol.

  • Social Distancing.

  • All vendors much check in with security.

Please - pay attention and read signs.  Signage will be placed in parking garages, building entrances and exits, lobbies, common areas, elevator bays, restrooms, fitness centers, building conference rooms, training rooms, bike rooms, etc. 


This is a constantly evolving situation.  Any recommendations from tenants are appreciated.


  • U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center


  • White House


  • World Health Organization